Soul Healing
Therapy for the soul

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Oprah and Dr. Brian Weiss: Reincarnation, Past Lives and Miracles

Talking about what?  Healing the soul. Dr Brian Weiss brought this therapy to the attention of the world and now it's high profile once again. 

Check out the Super Soul Sunday – Interview with Dr. Brian Weiss (

Working on an inner level, what I like to call the soul or quantum level, is really a very old technique.  This work is different to a regular counselling session as my clients tend to move beyond their story.  Whereas a story is the tale of what happened to you and how you felt about it, I am much more interested in empowering people to arrive at a place where they can write their own story.  Now doesn't that sound like fun? 

Perhaps I should redefine past-life therapy.  Although this is a particular technique, which clears out embedded feelings in your unconscious, you don't have to believe in past lives at all. 

Think of it this way.  You are really a soul having a human experience.   This means that you actually exist on a quantum level.  You are so much more than your physical, everyday experience. 

Everyone has unexplained fears and anxieties trapped within their unconscious or soul.  Clients come to me when they don’t know exactly what they need.  And I often find this happens because you could be experiencing an awakening on a soul level.   As we are so much more than our personality, we don’t always know the signs of inner expansion.  That’s where I can help.  

I have trained in transpersonal psychology,  hypnosis, and past-life therapy to develop my own unique modality, which I call Soul Therapy.  Yes, that's right...therapy for your soul.  

I often say to clients, the problem isn't really the problem.  It's just what's showing up, but go underneath that and look at what is realy going on.  Quite often when you think it's about another person, a child or a partner, it's really about an unresolved part of you. 

Soul healing therapy takes into account all the different parts of YOU and brings you into  the here and now. 

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