Theresa Pugh, B.A. , M.Sc. 

I am a clinical hypnotherapist  & writer who specializes in  past-life therapy, or  "therapy for the soul'.  I have taught Clinical Hypnotherapy at Rhodes Wellness College, in Vancouver, and have authored a book: "Lipstick & Love:  Six soul memoirs of a modern day mystic."   It describes six of my past lives in a short story format. 

Most people lead lives of quiet desperation, always trying to measure up.  But this is living from the old human perspective. We are now in a time of rapid change when it is more important than ever to find happiness within.  I help clients find their centre, their inner compass.  We are now living in a time as  Yeats wrote when "the centre cannot hold", and the old ways are collapsing.  But that is the external structure.  At such a tumultuous time on the planet, why not find the answers you seek. Integrate and align all of you, and live a better tomorrow, today. 

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Do not dwell on the past, 
do not dream of the future, 
concentrate the mind on the present moment.