What is Soul Healing? 

"Therapy for the Soul". 

 I have trained in transpersonal psychology, clinical hypnosis, and past-life therapy to develop my own unique modality, which I call "Soul Therapy".  I help clients move into alignment by integrating aspects of themselves. ​

Everyone has unexplained fears and anxieties trapped within their unconscious. Clients come to me when they don’t know  what they need. And I often find this happens because they could be experiencing an awakening on a soul level.

 We are so much more than our personality, we don’t always know the signs of inner expansion. That’s where I can help.  

Increasingly, practitioners are calling this work "energy medicine".  The premise is simple.  You are really a soul having a human experience. 

Soul therapy uses the tools of hypnosis, awareness and alignment, to bring ALL of you into the here and now. 

Past-life therapy
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​What People Say: 

“Theresa is the real deal. I didn't know about past-lives. But she made me a believer. I actually experienced a version of me in another time." 

Vancouver, B.C. 

“I’ worked on a complex problem with Theresa. Even though I've been in therapy for many years, the way she facilitates this process creates solutions in a new way. I would definitely recommend her. I'm really impressed".  

Sarah, Frankfurt, Germany 

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