Theresa Pugh, PhD.
Past-Life Therapist 

"Therapy for the soul"

Feel anxious or confused? Are you ready for a reset? 

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist who can help you untangle the confusion of life in these troubling times. As a “spiritual doctor” and teacher, with a PhD in Spiritual Counselling, I can help you review your soul blueprint. I have the tools to help you experience more joy in your life, regardless of the outer world. 

This includes your intention for being here on the planet at this time. Did you want an ordinary life? Or an extraordinary experience? Play with frequency and shift your reality into an experience which brings you more joy. I have the tools to help you on this journey. 

Benefits include: 

Increased self-esteem
Improved clarity
Greater peace
More joy
Enhanced well-being 

By connecting to your true essence, you have the opportunity to override and release the old filters that kept you trapped. 

Dr. Theresa offers: - 

  •   Past-Life Therapy Regression
  •   Frequency Shifting
  •   ThetaHealing
  •   Spiritual Coaching

Appointments are $150.00 per session, available over Zoom. 

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